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According to custom, the Armenian Church was based by two of Jesus‘ twelve apostles – Thaddaeus and Bartholomew – who preached Christianity in Armenia between AD forty–60. Because of these two founding apostles, the official title of the Armenian Church is Armenian Apostolic Church. On 21 September 1991, Armenia officially declared its independence after the failed August coup in Moscow.

The Armenian Quarter is separated from the Christian Quarter by David Street (Suq el-Bazaar) and from the Jewish Quarter by Habad Street (Suq el-Husur). „Kardashian Baptizes Children In Private Ceremony At ‚Vatican‘ Of Armenian Church“. „The Apprentice, Kim Kardashian’s Perfume Brings Out Best and Worst“. Archived from the unique on July 11, 2011. The Republic of Armenia and the rethinking of the North-American Diaspora in literature.

World War I

Armenia is a unitary, multi-celebration, democratic nation-state with an historic cultural heritage. Urartu was established in 860 BC and by the 6th century BC it was replaced by the Satrapy of Armenia. Under the Bagratuni dynasty, the Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia was restored within the 9th century. Declining because of the wars in opposition to the Byzantines, the dominion fell in 1045 and Armenia was soon after invaded by the Seljuk Turks.

Armenian Apostolic Church

The Armenians of Vaspurakan who converted to Islam steadily assimilated into Kurdish tradition over time. That is more likely to have occurred elsewhere as properly, and probably accounts for the comparatively low census of Armenians within the Ottoman Empire initially of the 20th century, in comparison with the Middle Ages, alongside other components, such as extermination.

Modern historical past

In addition, a permanent resolution for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has not been reached despite the mediation supplied by organizations such as the OSCE. Armenia is a landlocked country in the geopolitical Transcaucasus (South Caucasus) area, that is situated in the Southern Caucasus Mountains and their lowlands between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and northeast of the Armenian Highlands. Armenia is bordered on the north by Georgia, the east by Azerbaijan; the south by Iran; and the southwest and west by Turkey.

Սովետական Հայաստանում, հայ-ռուսերեն երկլեզվության զարգացման հարցի շուրջ [On the question of development of Armenian-Russian bilinguism (according to the supplies of census and ethnosociological investigation)]. Lraber Hasarakakan Gitutyunneri (in Armenian). Armenian National Academy of Sciences. Universities in Russian, English and French exist in the capital city of Armenia,Yerevan.

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Armenian diaspora

The Young Turk management of the Ottoman Empire eagerly took the chance of World War I to physically remove the Armenian population. Destination Armenia, this web page is about the landlocked nation on the crossroad between Europe and Asia. The former Soviet republic is located in southeastern Europe/western Asia, east of Turkey, north of Iran and south of the mountainous Caucasus area (Transcaucasia). It is also bordered by Azerbaijan and Georgia. At that time, just over a 12 months before Armenia declared its formal independence from the USSR, the tricolour replaced the 1952 flag.

Armenian Quarter

„A History of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Orthodox Church within the United States“. Ethiopia has had an Armenian church for the reason that Nineteen Twenties, when groups of Armenians had been invited there after the Armenian Holocaust by the Ottoman Empire.

The first printed version of the Qur’an translated into the Armenian language from Arabic appeared in 1910. In 1912 a translation from a French version was revealed. Both were in the Western Armenian dialect.

The first Armenian churches were constructed between the 4th and seventh century, beginning when Armenia converted to Christianity, and ending with the Arab invasion of Armenia. The early church buildings have been principally easy basilicas, but some with aspect apses.

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